Sunday, August 14, 2011

4,500 of embeded footage

I came to see this movie without any expectation. I knew about the project and from my editors point of view, I found it fascinating. You imagine that you get hired to edit a movie that contain 4500 hours of video that was shot by people all over the world on 24th of July 2010.

This is A Life in a Day, a Youtube project brought by Ridley and Tony Scott.

Movies like this one don't happen so easily, specially with magnitude like this one. You have to understand that even with a layout in mind for the making of this movie, you can't plan what you about to receive from any Youtube users.

From a experimental and unconventional point of view, the film works, but if you you're thinking to watch a drama, comedy or a political satire, you might find something there.

The Help for a tearjeker

I was already prepare to see a movie like this one. A film that is Lifetime channel style, women struggle during the early 60's where society condemn women to be housewives only and color people be an object to segregation.

The film is about two type of women, white and black, one more privileged sort of speak than others. But with the same ambitions and wishes, be someone special and different and overcome the manipulative manhood that control their destiny.

The strongest performance in this movie are by Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer.
The rest of the cast are very typical and caricaturesque women of the 60's but don't get me wrong Emma Stone is a highlight of the film as a single woman trying to become a writer.

As a tearjerker movie it works perfectly.