Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jhon Hillcoat director of the "Road" and "The Proposition" explore the tough side of the depression in small town of America. Shia LeBouf, Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke are the brothers Bondurant. Owners of a bootlegging small industry in Virginia. They own the town and they control the police. But after the arrival of a crooked special deputy played by Guy Pierce things turn ugly and dangerous for them. Rakes wants a piece of the pie and he will take revenge against the brothers. When Lebouf it's a shadow for the brothers, he take control surprising everyone and becoming the most powerful gangster in town.

The film is slow and bloody. Great performance to the cast specially Guy Pierce and Jessica Chastain which is very sexy in this movie, a true gem.

One of the most interesting ideas of human interactions, is with machines. Robot and Frank explore this idea in a very smart way. A retired thieve lives alone in his upstate house, totally abandoned. His sons, trying to help him and clean the mess. Offer him the possibility to have a personal robot that help him with groceries, cooking and cleaning. Frank hesitate to the idea and after struggling with the plan he have another. Robot suggest creating home gardening, but Frank choose to have personal robot to be his side kick on a new hobby. Stealing values objects in town. Frank Langella perform Frank in this movie, James Marsden and Liv Tyler their sons. Peter Sarsgaard do the voice of the robot.

The film is enjoyable and smart.

No sells, Yes sells...

"No" is the fourth film of Pablo Larrain, on which explore another chapter of the complex political arena in Chile. The famous referendum that close the horrible dictatorship of Pinochet is shown there the eyes of a director of TV commercials. The premise is very smart. In a production company the owner president is called to make the campaign of "Yes" in the referendum is called to create the campaign for the "No" in the referendum. Gael Garcia Bernal plays, René Saavedra, responsible of this successful No campaign. Juggling between jobs, political meetings, shooting, editing and reviewing the competitor in this battle. We see people ready to stop Pinochet in this tragic time for Chile. But on the other hand. We face the duality of what's best. Dictatorship with better quality of living or a democracy filled with problems like Allende's presidency. See political ideals as concept or content vs seen the audience and costumer as the people who will vote is a smart and complex idea. That not only show how is the world where we living, doesn't matter it this happen 20 years ago, still an issue for most of all.

Gael plays really well this ad guy, his conversation about what's art, what sell, who is the client and who is the costumer shows how is the treatment of politicians about voters. We are the product but also the consumer. The best success of a product to be sold, is that a a candidate or a party wins.