Friday, December 23, 2016

Is safe to say that 2016 was one the years where Hollywood was extremely devoted to biopics about musicians. Miles Ahead - directed by Don Cheadle about Miles Davis, Born to Be Blue - Directed by Robert Budreau, about Chet Baker and I Saw the Light directed by Marc Abraham about Hank Williams.

Tom Hiddleston starts as the famous musician Hank Williams and his wife Audrey Williams (Elizabeth Olsen) and the film revolves around Williams life, his music success, his trouble relationship with his mom and his wife and also the alcohol abuse and the multiple affairs.

I have to say that this film is pretty flat, because it try to hard to develop drama and connection with the characters and the audience. Unfortunately it never reach any level, the film structure is vague and you never know the point of jumping the story from past to present.

Hiddleston doesn’t do justice to Williams character, his singing abilities and his accent is not good enough to hold the movie.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

In the real world the story of a galaxy far away talk about the race of the rebellion fighting an evil empire who just want to conquer the world. But in the world that we living, this story constitute a propaganda anti-politicians.

It’s been almost 40 years since the original film Star Wars was premiered and the story about a boy and the universe captivating everyone around the world. An evil government with tendency anti democracy and conservative, rule the galaxy destroying everything that opposed them.

Now the story it’s been relived in a chapter that might be a few days or a few hours prior the events of A New Hope. “Rogue One” is the story of the group of rebels who went on a mission to steal the secret plans of the Death Star. The events are defined by the spirit of a diverse group of people, by their ethnics and their way of thinking. The leadership is by a woman. Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) the daughter of a scientist in charge of building this space station Galen Erso ( Mads Mikkelsen) who scape from the empire and later is captured again, been forced to finish the job.

The Rebels find Jyn as the connection to her father and need her to lead a team with the help of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). Thought the film they will travel to other planes where the Empire invade for the sake of their resources.

No matter how many times you want to detach this movie from the actual events it becomes perfectly clear. that is not just about what’s going on the America, its about the world itself. War is a big industry on both sides of the spectrum, good or bad collided with their ideals, their agendas just for the sake of a sort off greater good. In this movie you will see this two groups, but also a third one who is more a separatist group, like guerrilla who don’t believe in the institution, just want to take the law in the own hands. “Save the Rebellion, Save the Dream”

The role of the women’s in this film is very important and I find that great, because women’s are leaders, they can create powerful strategies as well they own ideas to change the world.

Most of the planes seen in “Rogue One” reminds me to places that you know in real life, but with big differences. One plane in particular I can tell the screenwriter was trying to do a connection with the devastated city of Aleppo or Damascus. Powerful governments destroying vulnerable locations to benefit mercenaries or improve their economic ventures.

The force is there in the story, but is more like a nuance of the power of your own mind and how with the positive attitude you can change things and overcome difficulties, sometimes you can go beyond your comfort zone, but sacrifices pays off.

To me the movie deliver, I’m not trying to compare to Star Wars: The Forces Awakes, but I like better Rogue One, because is a dark an aggressive film about a group of warriors, who will do what ever it takes to fulfill the mission. Nothing is sugar coded, It is what it is.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2008 market crash brought one of the major crisis in the real state market. The so called bubble, make home owners unaware of the major treat of banks taking advantage of their costumers and scamming to the point of foreclosure. Is hard to say how many families were hurt by this, but the idea of someone taking the law in their own hands is another story.

Toby and Tanner Howard brothers living in a rural town in Texas, are holding a big plan to rob several branches of Texas Midland Banks in the early morning. Toby (Chris Pine) a divorced father and Tanner (Ben Forster) an ex-con mother passed away recently, leaving their ranch in a debt due to a reverse mortgage,Toby thinks this is the best way to find the money to pay the debt.

Texas Rangers Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and Alrberto Parker (Gil Birmingham) are assigned to the case. Hamilton is close to retire, he figure out the plan of the brothers Howard set in motion a plan to catch them with the help of Arlberto Parker.

“Hell or Highwater” is considered by a neo-western film, because all the elements used to tale the story as well of the esthetics and look of the cowboy movies. After careful analysis you can tell the director David Mackenzie and writer Taylor Sheridan dig deeper into western movies to metaphorically represents two cowboys robbing banks looking for poetic justice, been chased by the sherif who is sure from the very beginning who is the mastermind in this crime. “Hell or Highwater” have several connotations of the struggle of the good vs evil, bringing the enigma of who is the real bad guy, like in Clint Eastwood “Unforgiven” as well social criticism to private institutions who sometimes are not the good guys, but the bad guys, just ripping people off, as a consequence there is a quest for full revenge.

The all star cast deliver a great performance and Nick Cave & Warren Ellis presents one of the finest original score on screen.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The basic idea of taking something that is not yours is consider a felony, a crime or even a subversive action against the law. But when you take an idea that is not yours and make it better or worse is not condone. It could be enforce in court if the system works for you to fight idea stealer.

Michael Moore, director of films like Sicko, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 embarks in one of the biggest mission of all, find what is missing in the USA that doesn't make it the best country of the whole world.

"Where to Invade Next", have Michael Moore traveling to countries mostly in Europe and Africa discovering all the great things that this nations offer to their people, comparing to what Americans have to suffer constantly to make a living. Moore have always been a spokesman of USA lack of prospects. The documentary focus in a comedic way, but at the end of the day the content is pure sarcasm against America that some people who think is the best country of all.

The tour takes you from Italy, France, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Tunisia and Iceland. Most of these countries, give groundbreaking benefits which for US citizens is just dreams and illusions that will never have. From Paid, honeymoon, two hour lunch break, paid parental leave, real and healthy school meals, no homework, no standardized testing, debt free education, special women's rights, and prosecution of bankers.

It's sound depressing when you read it on this list, but when you see it in on film, comparing it to real situations in the US, you ask yourself, why our politicians are not doing anything about it?, why Michael Moore have to subversively be the invader in countries which have better quality of life, showing us right in our face, that our system is really broken?

The biggest achievement of this film is an eye opening view of what us, are missing, but perhaps are not letting our peers to enjoy. You cannot make a country better or greater, but just promising great things, without looking other nations who have chosen to work for their people, and not for the politicians.

Like Hollywood do with their productions when there is a lack of creativity, they acquire ideas and products from the other countries to make it their own, why the US government don't do that too?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

On January 14th 2016, the nominations for the 88th Academy Awards were announced. With this list a very controversial list which not including african americans in the main categories sparks a series of complaints to the academy for not including big actors like Will Smith, Michael B Jordan or director Ryan Cooler or even consider them for the awards.

The origin of Oscar So White generates a dramatic change in the foundations of the Academy promising more diversity for the years to come. The film industry have always put minorities in the second place, sometimes cataloging their movies in sub genres. Powerful film from directors like Ava Duvernay, Spike Lee, John Singleton, Lee Daniels, Don Cheadle. Tyler Perry and Antonie Fuqua have created masterful movies about the struggle of african americans in this country. Boyz in the Hood, Malcom X, The Buttler, Selma, Do the Right Thing. Have given lessons to the audience about their culture and way of life.

The last film to portray masterfully the hard life in the black community is “Moonlight”, well crafted by director Barry Jenkins which tells the story of Chiron a african american kid who lives with his mother Paula (Naomi Harris) an abusive and controlling drug addict. The film is divided in three chapters i.Little: about Chiron (Alex Hibbert) childhood, when he meet Juan (Mahersala Ali) a crack dealer who discover him hiding from bullies from school, his only comfort is his friendship with Kevin. Chiron

ii.Chiron This time Chiron (Ashton Sanders) is a teenager, who is harassed threaten ad bullied in school and outside school by his peers. His mother Paula is now addicted to crack, solicit herself and coerce Chiron to get her money. His friend Kevin, becomes closer to him (Chiron) which end up kissing him and giving some sexual interaction. On this chapter the audience discover all the rage that Chiron is been holding for so long. During an episode in the school, Kevin is forced to fight Chiron by Terrel a troublemaker from the school, this concludes in a brutal beaten of Chiron, later taking revenge on Terrel.

iii. Black: Chiron is am adult a drug dealer living in Atlanta, following the footsteps of his father figure Juan, even driving his car. Paula’s calls him constantly to be visited by him. Kevin reappears looking for Chrion to pay him a visit at a restaurant where he cooks in Miami.

Moonlight explore a world a person that could be anyone of us, the same problems, the same aspirations, the same dreams. In this case the film is not trying to reminds you that Chiron lives in a certain neighborhood, is just a though life to live. Is hard to say if this movie is the direct consequence in the search of a film for the “So white” Oscar voters. But what I’m certain this movie is powerful drama, made with such a poetic images, fill with metaphors about the life and how cyclic is our existence, following the same paths.

In times where been a minority in this country is consider a threat, this film is the response of how societies can survive by been tolerant, overcome our difficulties but mostly stay close to your roots.