Sunday, July 22, 2012

Woody Allen, tells a great story, but unfortunately he get caught into the spider web of trying to tell so many stories. He fall in love of Barcelona, Paris, but Rome is more like a miss feeling of not achieving his romantic film innuendo. He try be brilliant as Midnight in Paris, but he can't. There is to many things going on, Italy is romantic, but not as passionate as France. There is no characters that can show you that. Roberto Benigni story is funny, the newlywed Italian couple with Penelope Cruz is entertaining and Woddy Alle and his new in law shower singer is funny as hell, but Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page is simply a whole mess, you end been confuse.

Oliver Stone pretension is to go back to his Natural Born Killer style. He pick a good cast, but none of them deliver enough to convince me that they own that role. Specially John Travolta. Blake Lively is miss cast, her character that can be played by any other actress, her narration is just simply an excuse to make the storyline easy for the audience. The film is sick violent and bloody, with a very bad ending, with no message at all, but visually is rich and colorful.
The film exploit violence in the middle of the Mexican Cartel war, with an additional plot of two indi drug dealers who live in Laguna Beach, CA

A stripper with a good heart

Steven Soderberg impress me one more time. He can make a chick flick or any other film and show you how capable is to do a film with style.

The story takes place in Tampa, FL. Mike a thirty something guy who works as a stripper by night and by day works ins construction. His life is an illusion of success where is not. Is just a glimpse of a powerful lifestyle that is just falling apart.

You see his cinematic vision in this feature. He choose a good cast, but at the end he just entertain us, with a good film. Nice cinematography and nice editing.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is the final chapter of the Christopher Nolan saga. The film brings all the cast from the previous two, adding some Inception talent, Joseph Gordon Levit, Marion Cotillard and Tom Hardy. After spent tow hours and 45 minutes, you leave the theater breathless. The story follow eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Batman is hiding and the Harvey Dent act bring apparent order to Gotham.

The film is long and that's my only complain, I can understand that is hard to finish this story in just two hours and also close this circle. The film is impressive and big, bombastic if I say. Anne Hataway is great as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, in fact they never use that name in the movie, Chris Nolan perfect move. Nothing is in your face, you have to figure out or is just hidden meaning. The ending is dramatic and emotional. The conclusion bring order but at the same time open new concepts for the studio, but let Chris Nolan depart of this trilogy with style, as a gentleman.

Hans Zimmer, bring a perfect score and develop new layers in the score, letting the audience participate ( a few months ago Hans Zimmer brought an idea, every fan possible record there voices to be incorporated into the soundtrack)

The experience is marvelous and I think the film is just epic, but is my opinion as a fan, film editor and just movie goer.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beast of the Southern Wild is fantasy drama that tales the story of a little girl named hushpuppy and her father "Wink. They live in the bathtub and delta community at the edge of the world. Potentially a story that develops in a pre o post Katrina and Oil spill time. The film follow a similar quest like Where the Wild Things Are.
The story was adapted from a play, so it contains anomalies from the adaptation which make the movie confusing, but on the other hand mysterious
I can say that the movie connects you in a special way because it mix sort of magic realism (very common in Latin American literature) mythical creatures, unexpected characters and emotional connections between beasts and Hushpuppy. This film is not for everyone, is a fable, is magical but also at the bottom hits you with social reality from regions and character from the south who struggle to survive and make a living in there utopic land.
Quvenzhané Wallis and Dwight Henry are powerful!