Monday, May 5, 2014

Pelo Malo

Life can be seen from the point of view of a kid as innocent, unique and special. Doesn't matter of how poor or rich a family can be, the kid will always dream and wish something out of the ordinary.

For Junior (Samuel Lange Zambrano) his long dream was to get his hair straight ready for his school picture. The story takes place in a poor area of Caracas during social turmoil, when a president is facing illness and the followers of the president are doing sacrifices for his health. This backdrop is a the social scenario of a Junior's mother Marta (Samantha Castillo) constant struggle to maintain a two kids from a murdered father at any cost, but also her homophobic feelings about Junior.

The film explore political messages and social problems about kids living in poor areas, who dream big, but those dreams are slashed out but broken promises and sad realities.

The story is powerful, with strong messages, about tolerance, respect and society morals about people who think different.

The Lunchbox

Movies always been obsessed with food. Films that tale the tales of love, deception and success with the power of food use this element to create wonderful stories. From Like Water for Chocolate, Babette's Feast, Chocolat, Eat Drink Woman, these films tell stories of struggling families, passionate relationships and search for happiness.

In the Indian film The Lunchbox (Dabba) we have two major characters Saajan play by Irrfan Khan (Slumndog Millionaire, Life of Pi) a nearly retired from accountant office who is grieving the dead of his wife and Illa play Nimrat Kaur who is a unsatisfied wife who is trying to reconquer her husband with food. The idea from Illa with the help of her aunt is cook the most wonderful dishes and send it to her husband using the service of Dabbawalas a messenger service who deliver lunches right at her husband office. By mistake the lunchbox is received by Saajan who enjoyed the food so much. After the second lunch Illa realize that her husband is not receiving the food, but is other person, and she decided to send a not with the lunchbox in order to find out who is the mysterious person who is enjoying Illa's cooking skill.

The film The lunchbox is hopeful, funny and represents a single love story, where both characters share personal thoughts about life and dreams. Is a true gem of Indian cinema.