Monday, December 3, 2012

Wreck it Ralph

Since Disney bought Pixar I was always concern about the future of one of the most successful companies of animation in Hollywood. Pixar always write and conceptualize great films, great stories, great characters. But probably one of the most important legacies is teach other companies, how to make good 3D animated movies, finally Disney is learning how to do it.

Wreck it Ralph is a film based on a famous video game from the 80's. The story is about Ralph who is responsible of wreck everything on the game "Wreck it Ralph" while at the same time Fix it Felix jr fix the destruction from Ralph.

Tired of doing the same typical destruction Ralph wants to be recognize as a very important part of the game. So he embarks into an adventure that take's him inside other games to win the prize and comes back successful.

Due a serious of events Ralph cause problems with other game characters and put in risk the existence of his own game.

The film is fun, entertaining and well tough. Great cast voices by John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer.

Life of Pi

Human beings usually face roads of happiness and suffering thought life, faith is one of those elements who keeps dreams alive, but also help us as a safety net to overcome obstacles, such as goals and losses.

This is the kind of elements that conform the story of "LIFE OF PI" a fantasy story based on a book under the same name. The film directed by Ang Lee Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) Pi which his full name is Piscine Molitor is an indian boy that live with his parents in India. Pi dad's owns a zoo, but due economic problems PI dad's choose to sell all the animals and move with the family to Canada on a ship.

During a storm PI lost of his family on a shipwreck and end up stranded for 227 days in the middle of the ocean with a tiger "Richard Parker" which are the only animal survivor.

The film explore faith, the will to live and marvels of live under any circumstances. Ang Lee filming is beautiful, Claudio Miranda cinematography is fantastic, Tim Squyres editing is beautiful but one of the most amazing achievements in the film is the original score by Mychael Dana.

To experience Life of Pi, you have to see it in 3D, this way you can see the wonderful visual effects y such a marvelous filming.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Behind the scenes are always been a treat for audience, but never are the actual information behind the creation of a piece of work. Film that explore the making of a movie represents an interesting documentation, that shows the creator and the collaborators. Many films have been made to show the story behind the story of a important film. Clint Eastwood made "White Hunter Black Heart", which tells the story of John Huston making of "The African Queen", Tim Burton made "Edwood" the story of the worst filmmaker in history and how he made Planet 9 of Out of Space, Elias Merhigue "Shadow of the Vampire" about the making of "Nosferatu" by F.W.Murnau even Federico Fellini made "8 1/2" about the filmmaker Guido Anselmi and his 8 and a half films.

Sacha Gervasi brings the film "Hitchock" the story of this famous filmmaker and the creation of his masterpiece "Psycho" Honestly the movie is Anthony Hopkins persona and character, perhaps Hellen Mirren as Alma Reville have a good performance, as Hitchcock wife. Gervasi creates a great environment for the film, but it doesn't bring something new to the table, even the amazing ensemble cast that goes from Scarlet Johannson playing Janet Leigh, Toni Collette playing Hitch secretary, Jessica Biel playing Viera Miles and James D'Arcy playing Anthony Perkins is enough to impress. This is the kind of experiment about the making of a film, that is entertaining but doesn't work all the time.

The movie entertain and show you interesting passage of the story behind Psycho, but is not strong enough to connects with all the audiences and become a great film, some scenes that doesn't make sense and you end up with strange flavor in your mouth.


The exploration of tales stories behind stories, so called Prequels it's been the new gimmick of Hollywood to continue producing franchise and keep them alive, but sometimes works as a perfect excuse to refine the tale of a hero in the process of becoming one. Sam Mendes perform a great job doing something out of the ordinary, making a sequel that literally ends to continue with the actual story. Skyfall is to me the last episode of the prequel created with the film Casino Royale in 2005. Daniel Craig star as James Bond setting the foundation of the most important secret service agent of our time. Skyfall is the story on another chapter of the agent 007 fighting again a evil character who is looking for destruction, chaos and most of all eliminate MI-6. This time the thread is beyond everyone expectation, including James Bond boss "M". The film Skyfall is one of the best ever made. Whithout been compared to films such as Dr No, Goldfinger, Moonraker or Live and Let Die. This new movie reshapes the franchise creating a new breed of characters and new stories that will continue as the ending credits of the film said: James Bond 50th Anniversary. James Bond will return.

I have to say that you end up totally breathless after the film concludes, Javier Bardem to a fantastic job as a Bond villain, Ben Whishaw is great as Q, another great treats for this film is Thomas Newman music score which explores new sounds for this movie, besides his traditional and melancholic tunes, Roger Deakins cinematography, which creates a fantastic environment in the China sequence and last but not least Adele singing the opening credits for the film.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Killers and assassins are very interesting characters to present in films. Sometimes are too cliché, is a matter of writing, perhaps you can find them in films like Die Hard, Silence of the Lambs, Scarface, M or White Heat. But at the end of the day, they have a cause, something really meaningful to do in the story.

When I think about "Seven Psychopaths" I can only think in films by Guy Ritchie, like "Snatch" or "Lock Stock to Smoking Barrels". A story of a bunch of killers, psychos or wanna be who just want to get rid of the bad apples in this world.

"Seven Psychopaths" is the story or Marty (Colin Farrell) a struggling writer trying to find a good script to create. His friend Billy a dog kidnapper and his partner Hans (Christopher Walken) kidnap a Shih Tzu dog owned by a Mafia guy Charlie. Marty becomes entangled to the haunt for Charlie's dog and continue with killings of most of the characters on the film, all this is happening while Marty developed a screenplay for a film named : "Seven Psychopaths" The film is hilarious is cynical. The combination Rockwell, Walken Farrell is perfect. The film is absurd but full of entertainment.


So many movies about time travel have explore the possibility of time travel. Could be about stopping a tragic event in the present, that could affect human beings or just a single person. Back to The Future, TimeCop, Freejack, Primer, Bill and Ted, Twelve Monkeys are among some of the fewest exploring that, but Terminator is the one who took the experience to a whole different level. Nowadays is difficult to not been compared of been influence by this story. Besides that Ryan Johnson director of "Brick" create this futuristic tale about killers of the future who eliminate people from the past by paying in silver bars. in LOOPER Johnson bring back his main actor Joseph Gordon Levitt as the best in town to get rid of this people from the past. The film is interesting and fun, the fact of having Bruce Willis as Gordon Levitt old version creates this atmosphere with action, but reminds so much to any of Bruce Wills films. Ironically the fact of having yourself as a sidekick establishes an interesting combination and tension, who is going to be killed first or hurt, is this situation will hurt the one from the past or the future?

One of my favorite things of the film is the original score by Nathan Johnson, who works again with Ryan, after his fantastic work in the score of Brick

80's in 2012

Since the 80's is been really hard to find compelling stories about students who struggle to fit in into the system. Directors decided to focus on comedies and other approach about kids and their issues in the classroom. Finally after a long wait I witness something out of the ordinary, a film that look like a chick flick but end been something more like an statement of kids who not fit in.
"The Perks of Been a Wallflower" is the story of Charlie a kid who is facing the loss of his best friend who commit suicide, his mental illness and the finding of his first love.
The film explore most of the same issues about kids in school but also find it's own way describing characters and situations from the point of view of Charlie. Emma Watson is astonishing, she bright the screen all over with her acting and beauty. But the scene stealer is Ezra Miller as Patrick a gay teenager who is having a secret relationship with a popular kid.

What makes the film special to me is the reference of music and mix tapes, something that in the 80's and 90's was the best way to share music...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jhon Hillcoat director of the "Road" and "The Proposition" explore the tough side of the depression in small town of America. Shia LeBouf, Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke are the brothers Bondurant. Owners of a bootlegging small industry in Virginia. They own the town and they control the police. But after the arrival of a crooked special deputy played by Guy Pierce things turn ugly and dangerous for them. Rakes wants a piece of the pie and he will take revenge against the brothers. When Lebouf it's a shadow for the brothers, he take control surprising everyone and becoming the most powerful gangster in town.

The film is slow and bloody. Great performance to the cast specially Guy Pierce and Jessica Chastain which is very sexy in this movie, a true gem.

One of the most interesting ideas of human interactions, is with machines. Robot and Frank explore this idea in a very smart way. A retired thieve lives alone in his upstate house, totally abandoned. His sons, trying to help him and clean the mess. Offer him the possibility to have a personal robot that help him with groceries, cooking and cleaning. Frank hesitate to the idea and after struggling with the plan he have another. Robot suggest creating home gardening, but Frank choose to have personal robot to be his side kick on a new hobby. Stealing values objects in town. Frank Langella perform Frank in this movie, James Marsden and Liv Tyler their sons. Peter Sarsgaard do the voice of the robot.

The film is enjoyable and smart.

No sells, Yes sells...

"No" is the fourth film of Pablo Larrain, on which explore another chapter of the complex political arena in Chile. The famous referendum that close the horrible dictatorship of Pinochet is shown there the eyes of a director of TV commercials. The premise is very smart. In a production company the owner president is called to make the campaign of "Yes" in the referendum is called to create the campaign for the "No" in the referendum. Gael Garcia Bernal plays, René Saavedra, responsible of this successful No campaign. Juggling between jobs, political meetings, shooting, editing and reviewing the competitor in this battle. We see people ready to stop Pinochet in this tragic time for Chile. But on the other hand. We face the duality of what's best. Dictatorship with better quality of living or a democracy filled with problems like Allende's presidency. See political ideals as concept or content vs seen the audience and costumer as the people who will vote is a smart and complex idea. That not only show how is the world where we living, doesn't matter it this happen 20 years ago, still an issue for most of all.

Gael plays really well this ad guy, his conversation about what's art, what sell, who is the client and who is the costumer shows how is the treatment of politicians about voters. We are the product but also the consumer. The best success of a product to be sold, is that a a candidate or a party wins.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How do you know who's your dad? Because your mother told you...

Human society is challenge everyday when you question things such as trust, power, orders, but most of all there common sense. These are the most important elements in the film "Compliance" directed by Craig Zobel.

The story takes place in a fast food restaurant, it could be in any town of the US, it doesn't matter. Sandra (Ann Dowd) the manager of this place is a person with complex issues, is important to mention that this kind of job create the illusion of authority and power, but also respect. She received a phone call from a apparent detective policeman who report stolen money from the costumer and the responsible is Beck (Dreama Walker) a cashier who works there and just have a manager employee relationship with Sandra.

Officer Daniels (Pat Healy) give directions to Sandra over the phone of how to handle the suspect while he "arrive' to the scene. The chain of events will show how human begins area capable to trust-accept-control-obey orders and finally accept the consequences of their act. The film presents a clear vision of a group of American citizen who blinded by apparent authority follow a protocol of sick directions without question their actions.

The film is powerful and controversial and I think everyone should see it in order to protract themselves of been mistreated like so many Becky's in this country.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Samsara as the encyclopedia explains: is the meaning of continuous flow, a cycle of birth, death and rebirth. This is the name of the film under the same name by the same team behind Baraka and Chronos. After 20 years Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson reunited to tell another story, only without words. Besides Baraka, you can't compare both of them and try make a point, there are two different films, with different pace and style. Samsara try to explain human cycle as its best. Technology influence the wheel of life, it move us, from the creation, use and expiration date we can see how a useful object can be dangerous as waste. The force continuity animal cycle as the wheel turn to a chicken or a cow, that been forced to mass produce to feed the world. All this is happening while we still admire our world growing, changing, but also falling apart.

Divided by war, natural tragedies and religion. We coexist in a planet where all think different and we still connected by a constant cycle that bring together and separated later. The film is beautiful, the images captured are gorgeous and the music composed is a true gem.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love in post-modern times

After Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, the way of making romantic films change dramatically. Now the story of a boy who meets a girl, is a matter of fantasy, complicated situation that could be a dream or reality, challenges in modern societies look for the essence of simple things such as girls with unusual or non trendy names, boys with peculiar jobs and cities where you never think that a love story could happen.

I can name Beginners, Submarine, 500 Days of Summer and even Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris match to new way of seen the search of love. Travel there time, erasing a relationship from your brain, dancing with animals and writing a book abbot your possible love interest.

That's the plot of Ruby Sparks. Paul Dano, plays a famous writer who is facing a writers block, he find a way of write about this girl from his dreams, then she become a real person, who can be controlled and manipulate just with simple writing. This love story represents to me a great metaphor of love, you meet someone and you get drown into the situation, facing so many confusions and doubts, is like discover one day that your dream girls appears out of nowhere after you write about her is a revelation. Is facing true vs fantasy and how love can be something unexpected not a matter of manipulation, is act of improvisations and experience, when you force something never succeed.

The team behind Little Miss Sunshine, make a good movie out of Ruby Sparks, nice soundtrack and great assemble cast.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Killer Joe is a black comedy, well that's what most of important movie websites label this movie, but with touch of a criminal thriller.
Willam Friedkin director of "The Exorcist" and "The French Connection" directs a great ensemble cast. Matthew McConaugey star as Joe a Dallas police detective who also have a side job as a hit man. Emilie Hirsh, Juno Temple, Thomas Haden Church and Gina Gershon are the components of a very particular family who bring Joe to eliminate a family member in order to cash the insurance and pay some dangerous debts.

Friedkin presents this story with very mysterious passages of the city of Dallas, the scum in the streets that only cares about who fail and how to enjoy while it happen.

McConaugey delivers one of his best performance, this actor is becoming better and better.

The film is surprising del done, well edited, with such a nice pace and with an amazing touch of film noir. But keep in mind that the film contain some sadistic and very violent scenes , a couple of unexpetected nudity and sexual situations, totally justified for this film. Probably that's why received a NC-17

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Woody Allen, tells a great story, but unfortunately he get caught into the spider web of trying to tell so many stories. He fall in love of Barcelona, Paris, but Rome is more like a miss feeling of not achieving his romantic film innuendo. He try be brilliant as Midnight in Paris, but he can't. There is to many things going on, Italy is romantic, but not as passionate as France. There is no characters that can show you that. Roberto Benigni story is funny, the newlywed Italian couple with Penelope Cruz is entertaining and Woddy Alle and his new in law shower singer is funny as hell, but Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page is simply a whole mess, you end been confuse.

Oliver Stone pretension is to go back to his Natural Born Killer style. He pick a good cast, but none of them deliver enough to convince me that they own that role. Specially John Travolta. Blake Lively is miss cast, her character that can be played by any other actress, her narration is just simply an excuse to make the storyline easy for the audience. The film is sick violent and bloody, with a very bad ending, with no message at all, but visually is rich and colorful.
The film exploit violence in the middle of the Mexican Cartel war, with an additional plot of two indi drug dealers who live in Laguna Beach, CA

A stripper with a good heart

Steven Soderberg impress me one more time. He can make a chick flick or any other film and show you how capable is to do a film with style.

The story takes place in Tampa, FL. Mike a thirty something guy who works as a stripper by night and by day works ins construction. His life is an illusion of success where is not. Is just a glimpse of a powerful lifestyle that is just falling apart.

You see his cinematic vision in this feature. He choose a good cast, but at the end he just entertain us, with a good film. Nice cinematography and nice editing.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is the final chapter of the Christopher Nolan saga. The film brings all the cast from the previous two, adding some Inception talent, Joseph Gordon Levit, Marion Cotillard and Tom Hardy. After spent tow hours and 45 minutes, you leave the theater breathless. The story follow eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Batman is hiding and the Harvey Dent act bring apparent order to Gotham.

The film is long and that's my only complain, I can understand that is hard to finish this story in just two hours and also close this circle. The film is impressive and big, bombastic if I say. Anne Hataway is great as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, in fact they never use that name in the movie, Chris Nolan perfect move. Nothing is in your face, you have to figure out or is just hidden meaning. The ending is dramatic and emotional. The conclusion bring order but at the same time open new concepts for the studio, but let Chris Nolan depart of this trilogy with style, as a gentleman.

Hans Zimmer, bring a perfect score and develop new layers in the score, letting the audience participate ( a few months ago Hans Zimmer brought an idea, every fan possible record there voices to be incorporated into the soundtrack)

The experience is marvelous and I think the film is just epic, but is my opinion as a fan, film editor and just movie goer.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beast of the Southern Wild is fantasy drama that tales the story of a little girl named hushpuppy and her father "Wink. They live in the bathtub and delta community at the edge of the world. Potentially a story that develops in a pre o post Katrina and Oil spill time. The film follow a similar quest like Where the Wild Things Are.
The story was adapted from a play, so it contains anomalies from the adaptation which make the movie confusing, but on the other hand mysterious
I can say that the movie connects you in a special way because it mix sort of magic realism (very common in Latin American literature) mythical creatures, unexpected characters and emotional connections between beasts and Hushpuppy. This film is not for everyone, is a fable, is magical but also at the bottom hits you with social reality from regions and character from the south who struggle to survive and make a living in there utopic land.
Quvenzhané Wallis and Dwight Henry are powerful!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love triangles in films are a very rich and entertaining piece of writing. Specially for a indie film like "Your Sister,Sister" is not an exception. Lynn Shelton, responsible of films like "Humpday", "We go Way Back" and "My Effortless Brilliance" bring this very unique and touching story about a guy, and two half sisters.

The story takes place in the Washington state, with marvelous views, which is the perfect scenario for the sorrow of brothers passing and also the break up of a 7 year lesbian relationship. With all this in mind we have Jack, who is struggling after one year of his brother passing. Her friend Iris, Jack best friend, who suggest him to stay in her parents cabin in Pacific Northwest. Once there he run into Hannah, Iris half sister, who is reeling after an abrupt a 7 year break up. After a night of drinks will lead into this love triangle with nothing that great performances for all of the cast. I smell some Spirit Awards nominations.

Emily Blunt and Romarie DeWitt are the perfect cast for this story and Mark Duplas is superb.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pleasure still a great mystery for human race, but trying to please a woman is another story. In the late 1800's for the economic and social revolution woman left behind to do the normal task in household, but I say left behind because they never asked about what they want. In fact their crisis and conflicts were consider tabu and also mental illness.

Hysteria is the british film that explore the story of medical practitioners who have the difficult task to massage genital are of all the women's how suffer from this apparent "disease" The film treat the story as a comedy introducing characters and stablished the social context. Man are the head of the household, they are successful and are the one who have big titles. Women are in charge of the kitchen and other household task.

The film have such a great characters like Maggie Gyllenhaal, who plays the daughter of Dr Dalrymple played by Jonathan Pryce. This woman fight for the right of the poor and also the right for women to vote, go to college and also is one of the fewest american actress who know how to make proper british accent.

Another great characters are Hugh Dancy who plays Dr Mortimer Granville and Rupert Everett who plays Lord Edmund St John Smythe together they invent the first woman vibrator in the world and device that turns into the females biggest dream and responsible to help to cure Hysteria.

The movie Hysteria is a entertaining film with some historical facts and funny moments

In movies when young people face a crisis usually embarks into a adventurous trip that usually take them to a typical road trip, but when a British old person faces crisis goes to India and stay in a crappie hotel that is falling apart. That's in essence the plot of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The film starred by a amazing assemble cast: Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson to name a few.

What all this characters have in common is the search of the unknown and look meaning the rests of their life of what left of it. The Marigold Hotel is a property that was partially inherits by Sonny (De Patel) the younger son of a family who originally own the hotel, but after the death of Sonny's dad the family decide to move one with another business.

Sonny want to badly to bring back the hotel, so he embarks into tricky idea of provide a retirement property for the elderly of United Kingdom, and he succeed, but thanks to the ignorance of the main characters to travel there thinking that this paradise, but is not…

The best phrase that described the states of most of the characters is say by Sonny:
Everything will be all right in the end... if it's not all right then it's not the end.

In fact this is quote is what define the movie, is a fresh film that not succeed, because we don't know when is right. The film is entertaining and funny and some of the characters are charming, especially Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson and the best is Bill Nighy.

Honestly that is not a dense story that needs to be pure drama, is just a story that you enjoy from start to finish.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The creation of time is always been a true mystery in science fiction. For filmmakers the connection of extraterrestrial creatures who land on earth and create mythological structures is the foundation is a crucial element in the film plots. This is not exception for Ridley Scott and his film "Prometheus". Finally Scott decide to come back to one of the genres that make him a important director, of course using the world that surround his one of biggest creation"Alien".

Prometheus bring a couple in a near 2089 who end the missing link of humans and extra terrestrials, based on archeological discoveries. One of them played by Noomi Rapace. After convince Peter Weyland played by Guy Pierce as the famous millionaire who owns the famous corporation, that is the big nightmare for Lt Ripley in the Alien trilogy, a company who only care about the alien and the power of this enemy instead of care of the threat of this creature. So finally the expedition sail to explore and find some traces of life thanks to this star map that the archeologist discovered.

The story presents characters like other Alien films, as scientist, corporate dummies, mercenaries and dreamers who are there for a reason. Unfortunately after discover so many elements on the planet and a very familiar spaceship seen on the first Alien film, a chain of events, such as attacks, strange substances and not so well known creatures. Every character started been shaped into the same tragic events and struggles like the Alien trilogy.

Prometheus offer a interesting characters that are so similar one to the other in a way that we saw before. Riple vs Meredith Vickers played by Charlize Theron. Weyland vs Carter Burke payed by Paul Reisser. Besides all this comparisons David the android played by Michael Fassbender, is not similar to Ash or Bishop, this character in some way remind us a replicant from Blade Runner, more intuitive, less machine, less pity, more interested in been useful to the Weyland Corporation.

If we look closely to the story we can find other Alien film similarities and connections, music, editing and even shots, but at the end presents a theirs about the beginning of the human race and the origin of one of the most compelling sci fi trilogy of all. Prometheus is full of details and needs a critic eye to discovered.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom is perhaps one of the more mature films by Wes Anderson. Besides talking about such an innocent subject, the films depicts the style of isometric shots, particular and attractive art direction and cinematography and very interesting characters.
Wes Anderson always bring people that is emotionally disturbed, mostly for difficult relationship with parents and role models such as teachers or guidance. Like in Life Aquatic, Darjeeling and Royal Tenenbaums, the search to get the family together and fix the missing link is present in Moonrise Kingdom, perhaps in this movie the discovery of a partner and the metaphor of risk among adversity to succeed is the most important ingredient. These kids are not escaping to find each other, because they want to escapes from an adult world that is broken.
Moonrise Kingdom is magical with kids situations, so mature that give us a lessons, about what real love is, devotion, fidelity and aspirations. Like always Wes Anderson bring a terrific cast and wonderful soundtrack.

Monday, June 4, 2012


The Intouchables is a french comedy about the relationship of a french handicap wealthy millionaire and Senegalese ex con caretaker. The film explore racism, wealth and love. Besides the popular reception in Europe the film it's been praised by the audience in America but not so loved for the critics.

My personal impression is the movie was good and touching, and any case long, this is one of this movies that I will enjoyed it was two and half hours of situations. The performances are powerful, the actors teach you a lesson of human spirit and hope. There is nothing that a human cannot experience if you don't try.

Besides the terrible comparisons or similarities with films like The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and other films about handicap the movie try to express with joy and fun the life of two different characters that connect just with one single word in the film "Pragmatique/Pragmatic".

The soundtrack is marvelous and create an environment for both scenarios, sometimes bring ambivalence to the Paris getho using Vivaldi to Earth Wind and Fire to a wealthy mansion on a elegant Parisian neighborhood .

When you choose to see a movie like this one, you have the missed conception that you are about to see a comedy film about Jack Black, been Jack Black, probably because there is not a lot of you can expect from him, besides been hyper, ironic, create an atmosphere of total craziness. Perhaps you are wrong. Bernie is a real story about an assistant funeral director, been loved by the ladies in that small town in Texas.

The film is a dark comedy about a murder, about a the town of Cathage, and a old widow Marjorie Nugnet. The movie explores feelings and the debate of how a person can be forced to kill another person, the motives and lastly how someone so nice and naive can be love by this town Cathage, Texas besides been a killer. One of the most impressive and funny performance is Matthew McConaughey

The collaboration of Linklater and Black can't be compared between Bernie and School of Rock, there are two different movies with different subjects, but perhaps the films presents two charters who look to be appreciated and do what they do best and what they love.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The bloody bachelor

Hunger Games is a film based on the famous book, wrote by Suzanne Collins in 2008. The movie tells the story Katniss Everdeen a young girl who lives District 12 in a fictional country Panim controlled by a dictatorial government. This story looks like a bunch of stories from modern and past culture, been put it into a blender. References from 1984, V for Vendetta, A Whole New World, ancient Rome, and Christianity to name a few, build the story of a struggle of young boys and girls fighting to stay alive in a game, named Hunger Games.

The film is a interesting piece of filmmaking, but not impressive at all to be a classic, the movie is pure entertainment with some glimpse of cultural statements about the importance of hope and odds in life. From what I can see the movie depicts reality TV and the controlled destiny of the constants. You can see that thought the movie, when the contestants were killed or sacrifice for the enjoyment of the audience or I must say the government. When you reach the end of the movie, which is very lame, you can see The Bachelor ending, but with a violent twist you find love, but you have to fight to the end to reach your goal. Reminiscence of new way of survival, among the society, been famous, thanks to a TV show.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Besides all the love about this film, I have to say that The Artist was made with the most single intention to win awards. This movie is a collection of sources from classic films of all time. Like Citizen Kane, Chaplin films to name a few.Traditional film and nostalgia always been rewarded. I love film nostalgia, but not someone who pretends to use it for the sake of been successful using it. Is like James Cameron offering a film in Cinerama, because there is no more films in that format. Besides that The Artist is a pretty entertaining film that appeal audiences, could be Uggie, could be that is silent, or simply is a way to connect with old traditions that have passed. The movie is good, but the real question is how all this talents behind can they do better if is not silent. Malcolm McDowell and James Cromwell does, but we have to challenge this team to achieve something behind old traditions Lesson learn, The Artist win everything in all the awards circuit, but the real artist is the one who defeats the test of time.
Call me romantic or old fashion but this film hit the core on every level. I'm always been a passionate about George Melies and his work and this movie touch me deeply. Sometimes films do that if you are facing certain times. The fill was rewarded with 5 academy awards in the technical aspects. Kudos to that!
I think making a film about Marylyn is always a good idea, what's is difficult is find "the" actress to portrait Mr Monroe. The most fascinating thing about "My Week with Marylyn" is you believe that Marylyn Monroe is there. Michelle Williams did an amazing job and there is no doubt why she was nominated to an academy award and also win the Spirit. Another wonderful performance is by Kenneth Branagh, who plays Lawrence Olivier. The film is attractive, charming and entertaining. Beautiful cinematography, editing and costume design. Highly recommended.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hand santizer and Condoms

When Sony and David Fincher announce that they are going to do a remake of the swedish most successful film of all time. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I sad to myself: Fincher is the master of thriller and prove it with Seven, Panic Room and Zodiac. Nothing could go wrong. Well I was mistaken. Fincher didn't make the film better, he just revamped and make it a little cooler. Team up with part of the team from Social Network. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is a exploration of Mikael Bloomsky writer of Millennium and his search for Harriet Vager a woman who disappear 40 years ago. The film takes whole different directions in the plot and change the behavior of the main characters. Some of these changes are dramatic, they soft Lisbeth Salander in so many ways that I think the movie now a warm story between two underdog heroes who use their intelligence to catch a killer. Is hard to not compare things from the Swedish film vs the American version, from the sexual innuendo that is so Hollywood and less raw to a illogical moment of a Christmas card and tend to disagree with critics. The movie explore and bring characters that were missing in the original but took out elements that were necessary to understand the nature of Lisbeth behavior and way of living. Don't get me wrong Roonet Mara did a superb job performing this character. What really still thinking is something that I saw in the film: Rapist wear condoms and killers use hand sanitizer Fincher ruin the the movie, his biggest goals was to create an excellent environment for this movie,which he did. The cast was perfectly selected, beautiful photography, Articus and Trent always fantastic and the editing a masterpiece.

Monday, January 9, 2012

J Edgar

With high expectations I wanted to see this movie so badly. Clint Eastwood and Leonardo Di Caprio together and a biopic about J Edgar was enough to say "a must see". I was wrong. The film about the life of a controversial character of the US history turns into a disappoint soap opera about Hoover devotion to his mom and the FBI. His obsessions about criminals and dangerous threats to America. and his homosexuality. The estrange structure of this movie take us from his early childhood and how he escalate every step of power in order to reach the biggest position besides Justice Department. Di Caprio give us a fine performance and no doubt that he will earn several awards and nominations. Eastwood do what he do best, but in this film is not as powerful as other movies that he done in the past. The film is flat and lack emotional moments, because the pace and structure of the movie. All I can say the make it was not good


I never been a F1 follower of fan, but the reviews and the word of mouth of this movie drawn me to the theaters to see it. Senna is a fantastic documentary about the life of success and glory the of the Brazilian race car driver Airton Senna. The film focus of how Senna reach his momentum, his constant battle with Alain Prost and his demise in 1994 in the San Marino Grand Prix. The film manage all the stock footage surprisingly well. You don't even noticed that you are watching archival footage from different times. The film is unique as a historical investigation and a total gem for F1 fans who wants to know more of this race car driver. The sound design and editing are perfect. \


When movies like this one comes to theaters, you realize that there still hope to have creative filming with strong message. Drive is a finest piece of movie made in 2011 and I have to say one of the best that I ever seen in recent years. Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver for Hollywood films that play inside jobs as a driver for robberies. After meeting Cary Mulingan, her neighbor, they start a subtle relationship that connects in so many ways to the past and present of their life, unfortunately too much. Mullingan husband release from prison drawn Gosling into a adventure with terrible consequences. The cast with finest performances such as Albert Brooks (Oscar Worthy) and Ron Pearlman makes this film a total delight. Drive is a movie that hit you in your face, with glory violence and powerful soundtrack and beautiful cinematography. The directing and editing are real work of art.