Thursday, April 25, 2013

destiny, fate and karma

Derek Cianfrance is becoming a symbol for independent filmmaking, with a bold style explore elements of humanity like failure and happiness in a single structure.

With "Blue Valentine", he brought sadness to our hearts for a love story that started so beautiful and end up so bad, is like a the fireworks at end credits of this film. Love: Volatile at the beginning and then fades slowly.

With his new movie THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES explore two parallel worlds. crime and enforcement completely separated from each other, but then connected by destiny, fate and also karma.

Ryan Gosslin plays Luke a motorcycle stunt rider that decide to quit the circus and start robbing banks to help support his family and his newborn baby. Eva Mendes plays Romina, Luke love interest and mother of the baby. The collision between crime and enforcement takes Luke to been chase by a rookie cop played by Bradley Cooper, after robbed the last bank.

The rest of the story is a lesson of consequences of our actions and how good vs evil are always around the corner tempting us to choose the best one for us, not the right one.

The film is slow and tense, there is a lot of dramatic moments that deserve to be experience without spoil the whole plot.


The Wizard of OZ is a famous film of 1939, awarded and loved by the audience thought decades. So many want to explore this story and find alternatives to tell the tale creating parallel worlds, from sequels, spin off till prequels.

This is the story of OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. Sam Raimi director of SPIDERMAN TRILOGY. Starring James Franco as OZ, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams. The use a singular formula, the esthetics of the original film WIZARD OF OZ, black and white, 4;3 format and when the tornado hits change gradually to color with a impeccable colorful environment.

Doing some research I found out that the Robert Downey JR was asked to play OZ, so during the film I was trying to imagine him as the magician instead of Franco. I came to the conclusion that RDJr was better for this part. The cast is good, but sadly Mila Kunis is not good enough to play the evil witch, besides Rachel Weisz who is always marvelous playing any part.

To me the best thing of the movie are the visual effects, the music by Danny Elfman, the art direction, the well done 3D and last but not least Zach Braff.

Iconoclastic dream

After the success of a film like INCEPTION, everyone filmmaker would like to explore the possibility of make a film about subconsciousness, dreams within a dream and even hypnosis.

Perhaps this one of the fewest genres that Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionare, Trainspotting, Shallow Grave and 28 Days Later) haven't explore. With an amazing and diverse filmography. Boyle explore this subject in TRANCE. Simon play by James McAvoy a fine art auctioneer who get involved in a big hit. Steal a very famous painting. During the heist Simon is hit in the head by Franck play by Vincent Cassel. Suddenly he end up in the hospital with amnesia.

The painting get lost in the situation, the only place that the location of the piece can be found is in Simon mind. Franck and Simon look for answers with a psychiatrist Elizabeth play by Rosario Dawson.

The story of TRANCE have so many twist and turns, with sexual innuendos between Simon and Elizabeth and Franck and Elizabeth. The film is interesting and intriguing, with a beautiful cinematography and music by Underworld band member Rick Smith.

TRANCE find subplots in Alfred Hitchcock early films, David Lean and Nic Roeg.