Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blue and Not So Pink (Azul y no Tan Rosa) tells the story Diego (Guillermo García) a photographer living the best time of his life with his partner Fabrizio (Sócrates Serrano) a respected doctor. Diego have a turbulent past, when he was younger he had a kid Armando (Nacho Montes) with his high school sweetheart, Armando and his mother live in Spain.

After tragic events of an homophobic attack that ends Fabrizio in coma, Diego is forced to recover the lost time with Armando, this will become a intense relationship of discovering and learning. Diego's best friend is a drag queen by the name Delirio del Rio played by Hilda Abrahamz who bring sense to the story with gay jokes and spicing up some of the situations that happen on the film.

Miguel Ferrari directs this film about very important social issues: homophobic violence, homosexuality, transsexualism and domestic violence. "Blue and Not So Pink" becomes another great film about tolerance and respect of every human being no matter their sexual orientation.

In a way the film is powerful, but the story is not new. Some of the movie have reminiscence to the Australian film "Priscilla Queen of the Desert". Where a group of drag queens embarked themselves into a road trip to from Sidney to the great outback. Anthony Belrose (Hugo Weaving) have a lost child like in "Blue and Not So Pink" have a great friend drag queen as well, Adam Whitely/Felicia Jollygoodfellow (Guy Pierce) which also reminds me to Delirio del Rio played by Hilda Abrahamz. Besides "Blue and Not So Pink" film doesn't have a road trip as a main plot for the film, it offers one near the end of the movie. The besides this similarity both films offer strong messages about tolerance against homophobic practice.

Monday, October 20, 2014

One of my least favorites genres on film is family reunion because of a death in the family. The case of This is Where I Leave is that compare to most of the movies such as The Family Stone, August: Osage County, Medea's Family Reunion and Home for Holidays, this movie is not taking place during the holidays. Perhaps the film have an excuse for a jewish ritual for the death.

This is Where I Leave you tell the story of Judd (Jason Bateman) a radio station producer who the day of his wife Quinn's (Abigail Spencer) birthday discover that the host of Judd radio show Wade (Dax Shepard) is been having an affair with Quinn.

After a period of time pass Wendy (Tina Fey) Judd's sister, call him to give him the news of his father passing. Finally during the funeral Wendy and Judd reunites with mom Hillary and the other two brothers Paul (Corey Soll) and Phillip (Adam Driver)

The story of the film is a constant reminder of how messed up the family is. Hillary telling their kids how sexual amazing their father was, Judd constant ignoring his Quinn phone calls and telling lies bout Quinn's absence during the mourning time. Phillip childish attitude to life, dating older and younger women at the same time and pretentious way of living as well Paul desperate search for having a baby with his wife Annie and finally Wendy marriage falling apart for a inconsiderate husband.

The film depicts another ordinary film family with nothing groundbreaking about it. The film have funny moments but is flat and the story fades away at the end.

A house, a marriage, a town, a disappearance, a murder?

In the mist of the Amy (Rosamund Pike) and Nick (Ben Affleck) wedding anniversary the mysterious disappearance and potential murder of Amy, this happening shakes the traditional and conventional life of this small town in Missouri.

The character and attitude of Nick makes him the primal suspect of this crime. Who cannot hate him? David Fincher directs a film about marriage, domestic violence, media glorification of the good and bad.
Afflleck is perfect for the role. A lot of people dislike him as an actor or hollywood personality, but in this film all this hate is drain into a character how apparently is the main responsible of his wife gone missing.

With a witty language from most of the characters, the script encapsulate the biggest fears for a marriage couple, the death of a family member, in laws relationship, intimacy, hopes, dreams, aspirations, sacrifice for the greater good, fidelity and trust.

On the technical aspects the editing is well crafted, a very slow story, flow with an outstanding and out of place pace and rhythm, in a way seems to be in sync with the music score, made by the same team from Girl with The Drago Tattoo and Social Network (Trent Reznor Atticus Ross) The cinematography is pretty sharp and clean, the yellows and dark tones preserve the mystery of this thriller.

The most outstanding of this film is that you can see David Fincher at its best on every scene. From Zodiac, Social Network, Girl with The Drago Tattoo, The Game, Panic Room and even Seven.