Saturday, July 30, 2011

Indy films are trying what big studios doesn't, and the is no exception with "Terri"

This movie explores a kid name Terri and his struggle to fit into his school as an oversize student. He is fill with a complex personality, wearing pajamas   as a normal clothing , enjoying the killing of mice by eagles or simply mouse traps.
By definition Terri is a trouble boy, but on the other hand he is living with his tormented uncle that is under medication.

Categorize by the principal of his school, played by John C Reilly as a good hearted kid that need helps, Terri discover more about himself and how battle against his fears. The film is funny, witty and some point cruel, but that what makes it special.
I been a huge fan of Asian films, specially when portrait the history of china from a female point of view. I can mention films such as "The Scent of a Green Papaya", Raise the Red Lantern" or Three Times a beautiful Korean film that is going to be the perfect example to relate to Snow Flower and The Secret Fan.

The movie is about two woman who become friends/sisters in the ancient china, is called "Laotong" . This process takes place in a story inside the story. On the characters is an aspiring writer who suffer an accident, her laotong discover the manuscript of the book with the same film title, and decide to find out the origin of the crisis who leads to this accident.

The inner story are the same actors playing ancient friends/sisters laotong. Unfortunately the films lacks of connection. First of all the film is spoken in English and Cantonese. But You miss that Asian vibe when they don't speak on their native language. You end up thinking that the Chinese is an accessory language. Also the movie feels like an Asian soap opera, there is no power on the story, is very lame and flat.

There is a lack of connection with every aspects of the character. During the film they tried to use all this back and forth, from a historical point of view, from ancient early 20 century to our recent time similar on the film "Three Times" but with the manicurist that one of the characters is reading. It doesn't work and you get lost in details, missing the real idea of the plot.

E.T. on steroids

My attempt to see this movie finally comes to an end, and I have to say it worth the wait. Attack of the Block is a film that I will call: "E.T. on steroids" Why is that?

First to all to create a proper connection we have to say that have similar elements. A first encounter with someone from other space, kids, bicycles and chasing.
On the other hand there is nothing sweet about Attack of the block or the aliens who decide to take this place. Of course we don't know their intention.
What do you discover is powerful characters that have great personality, their own way of talking and behave. The is no rocket science about this movie.

You are not expecting a message or simply get a powerful message. Some critics call this film the District 9 of 2011, I tend not agree on that. Yes is another invasion instead of Los Angeles or NY is a sort of ghetto in London. The film is funny, entertaining and scary.

Divorce vs Cancer

I was pleasantly surprise with this film. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of romantic comedies, but since the there is a good assemble cast I deduce to give it a shot. Crazy, Stupid, Love is a film about deception in love or perhaps marriage. 

When Cal (Steve Carrell) discover from his Wife (Julianne Moore) that she cheated on him and wants the divorce his world tremble in so many directions, from jumping from a car in movement to become a total womanizer. The film is well written fill with big twist and also a great assemble cast. The Combination Ryan Gosslin with Steve Carrel is amazing and funny and Gosslin steal the show.

Unfortunately you miss Julianne Moore and Emma Stone, because that guys combination. On the other hand Marisa Tomei is fantastic in her part, like Carl said to her in the pick up line in the movie: "a combination of cute and sexy" I have to say that Emma Stone looks really gorgeous in the movie. 

Overall you will enjoy this picture because of the message, some of the dialogues are funny, honest, witty and real, with twist in the story, music and look.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

James Cameron tricked me

After and intense debate and a very persuasive soft campaign from James Cameron about the best allegedly the best 3D on film yet, I decide to give a shot to the movie.

Everything works the way that Hollywood knows best. I'm very disappointing, this film is less than there predecessor and I have to confess that I never watched the 2nd film, why? because doesn't worth it and I knew that will be a waste of time.

Transformers The Dark Side of the Moon is the continuation on the same ridiculous plot from the other two films. With two new additional elements in mind, a new hotie, courtesy by Victoria Secrets and a few small parts from real stars.

So why I'm even mentioned that is a plot? well because there is one. A sketch of an incomplete idea , but for some studios and his arrogant director Michael Bay who thinks that this is a film, and also a blockbuster film. Good for them! they make their money and their really happy with that.

Well this pseudo called movie, have talents such as John Malkovich, Fances McDormand and Jhon Turturro, wasting their capabilities and also making money as it best!

A waste of 3D look that doesn't impress at all.

The only thing that really makes me keep this movie watching is none of other than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

I thought that the critics were, well I was wrong too, this film is bad.

Pixar the new money-maker whore?

Pixar lost their touch. Cars 2 is the sequel of their famous first part that brought us two charismatics animated characters Lighting McQueen and Matter. This time involved in a worldwide conspiracy with spies and secret agents involved. The film bring really interesting things like having the voice of Michael Caine, Eddie Lizzard, John Tururro and Emily Mortimer as the new addition to the Cars world.

I recall several news articles about the film and tend to agree with them. The film is a pure merchandising piece, that unfortunately turns into money machine whore. I know is harsh to say this but having the character Matter sing the State Farm "jingle" hidden with different words, makes you feel disappointed.

The story is not engaging and is pure action and no foundation on the story like all the Pixar films, so what happen? what's wrong with this film? is Pixar lost the touch or Disney killed the touch?