Thursday, April 23, 2015

"While we're Young"

Midlife crisis, family and professional success are probably the biggest problem in modern society. This problem leads to jealousy, frustration, lack of personal fulfillment and sadly separation or divorce.

In the film "While we're Young" a middle aged couple Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia (Naomi Watts) lives in NY and work in the film industry, Josh as a director who is challenged to finish a film that have 8 years in the making and for Cornelia he work as a documentary producer, but also he dream to be a mom, after two previous miscarriages.

During a lecture Josh met Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried) who are this youngster couple who lives the life to the fullest, but also they call themselves fan of Josh work from his previous documentary. That night Josh and Cornelia end up having dinner with Jamie and Darby and this becomes a big revelation for all of them, specially for Josh and Cornelia.

The couple discover what they been missing in life and what's left to do becoming a race against aging, from dressing better or cooler clothing, new and interesting activities, but also a new way of life. For them Jamie and Darby is the answer to their unsatisfaction in life and the engine to relive again.

Jamie and Darby represents the youngsters who never experience some traditional things, like records, board games and less technologies. Perhaps they use this traditional or analog things to be cooler and appeal all generations. It's a culture of use the old to be the new cool.

The cast is perfect for this movie Stiller is the perfect neurotic middle age man, Watts represents the perfect woman in search of doing younger activities to have fun, Driver is perfect as a the young filmmaker who adore older filmmakers just to suck their energy and success just to take benefit for it.

The soundtrack reflects a perfect representation of songs that transition from older times to newer times as well devotion for retro music as an excuse to be cool again.

At the end of the day director Noah Baumbach shows you how life can be lived by focusing on your own personal success and not helping people who use you to become successful. Life is a constant struggle. You can be tired of doing the same things, but you have to keep fighting to find meaning to your relationships and career if not you are doom.

Matthew Seiner creator of the hit TV show Mad Man said in a interview: "Others people success should never stop you from be successful"