Thursday, September 6, 2012

How do you know who's your dad? Because your mother told you...

Human society is challenge everyday when you question things such as trust, power, orders, but most of all there common sense. These are the most important elements in the film "Compliance" directed by Craig Zobel.

The story takes place in a fast food restaurant, it could be in any town of the US, it doesn't matter. Sandra (Ann Dowd) the manager of this place is a person with complex issues, is important to mention that this kind of job create the illusion of authority and power, but also respect. She received a phone call from a apparent detective policeman who report stolen money from the costumer and the responsible is Beck (Dreama Walker) a cashier who works there and just have a manager employee relationship with Sandra.

Officer Daniels (Pat Healy) give directions to Sandra over the phone of how to handle the suspect while he "arrive' to the scene. The chain of events will show how human begins area capable to trust-accept-control-obey orders and finally accept the consequences of their act. The film presents a clear vision of a group of American citizen who blinded by apparent authority follow a protocol of sick directions without question their actions.

The film is powerful and controversial and I think everyone should see it in order to protract themselves of been mistreated like so many Becky's in this country.