Monday, March 5, 2012

Besides all the love about this film, I have to say that The Artist was made with the most single intention to win awards. This movie is a collection of sources from classic films of all time. Like Citizen Kane, Chaplin films to name a few.Traditional film and nostalgia always been rewarded. I love film nostalgia, but not someone who pretends to use it for the sake of been successful using it. Is like James Cameron offering a film in Cinerama, because there is no more films in that format. Besides that The Artist is a pretty entertaining film that appeal audiences, could be Uggie, could be that is silent, or simply is a way to connect with old traditions that have passed. The movie is good, but the real question is how all this talents behind can they do better if is not silent. Malcolm McDowell and James Cromwell does, but we have to challenge this team to achieve something behind old traditions Lesson learn, The Artist win everything in all the awards circuit, but the real artist is the one who defeats the test of time.
Call me romantic or old fashion but this film hit the core on every level. I'm always been a passionate about George Melies and his work and this movie touch me deeply. Sometimes films do that if you are facing certain times. The fill was rewarded with 5 academy awards in the technical aspects. Kudos to that!
I think making a film about Marylyn is always a good idea, what's is difficult is find "the" actress to portrait Mr Monroe. The most fascinating thing about "My Week with Marylyn" is you believe that Marylyn Monroe is there. Michelle Williams did an amazing job and there is no doubt why she was nominated to an academy award and also win the Spirit. Another wonderful performance is by Kenneth Branagh, who plays Lawrence Olivier. The film is attractive, charming and entertaining. Beautiful cinematography, editing and costume design. Highly recommended.