Friday, May 1, 2015


Love in the modern world is probably one of the biggest mystery in our society. The lack of human interaction and the replacement of that personal and close interaction it's been replaced by electronic communication. From email, web chat, instant text messaging, internet dating and app based dating choices, people are more afraid of meet someone in person and rely on technology to develop the basic thing which is connection.

Hollywood have explore human interaction with artificial intelligence as part of the exploration of human nature and personality against a machine.

From Terminator (Human-robot bond friendship) 2001 (Human - A.I. Spaceship crew member) Her (Human - Robot companion) Blade Runner (Human - A.I. working, pleasure robot) A.I. Artificial intelligence (Human - A.I. family member replacement) Alien and Prometheus (Human - A.I. Spaceship crew member) all this films shows the different aspects of A.I. presence in the real world.

Alex Garland's "Ex Machina" tales the story of Caleb (Domhall Gleeson) a worker for the company Bluebook. At the beginning of the movie Caleb is chosen by the company lottery to visit the company CEO Nathan (Oscar Isaac) house in the mountains. Nathan house is a paradise, with all the amazing aspect of a technologic masterpiece as well the perfect location to learn and experiment.

Nathan is a very eccentric person, who lives only with his servant Kyoko a non English speaking assistant, Nathan idea is use Caleb to perform a Touring Test (Based on the work of Alan Touring) on his A.I. named AVA (Alicia Vikander). The idea is to understand how human AVA can be and discover if her behavior can be distinguished from human to A.I.

The relationship between AVA and Caleb develops into a romantic attachment.

Ex Machina becomes am instant classic for the nature of the subject, the film making techniques, as well sound and music but also the powerful story with a very nihilistic conclusion who will everyone wonder. Films like Blade Runner is immediately connected, because it creates a conflict between right or wrong and how science defies god by using technology to provide companionship to humans. Technology is develop to make life easier, not to replace life and turning life against us.

This film Ex Machina is a great movie with a powerful performance by Oscar Isaac, Alicia Viaknder and a great piece of film making by Alex Garland.