Friday, August 26, 2016

Rise and fall of celebrities always come with so many theories related to their relationship, wealth and lastly their health.

In are daily basis, we see celebrities become successful in a heartbeat, perhaps thanks to technologies. Social media is able to create an aura of fame in people who just do something mildly meaningful for the rest of the world, but still consider important from large group of people who make fame based on controversial actions not for the sake of art.

In the 1940’s a infamous singer became famous, no for been a good singer, but for beed a terrible one. That’s the story of Florence Foster Jenkins. An amateur soprano and american socialite was able to cross the NY elite and been coach by the most famous people in the music industry.

Stephen Frears directs Meryl Streep playing the main role, supported by Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg.
The film explores her life and dreams to become the famous singer, as well her pivot performance at the Carnegie Hall.

The film is fun and is another great performance to Mr Streep, but also is a great acting achievement for Mr Grant and Mr Helberg. The film is is not a over the top exploration of society but representation of the constant facade of wealth in NYC from the 40’s
The film explore how powerful people can diminish your aspirations, not matter your social background, but ability to inspire others and succeed.

The term rom com is the abbreviation of Romatic comedy film. The terms refers to movies with a aromatic ideals with humorous plot-lines and lighthearted content. Apparently “Girl Shy” (1924) is consider the first one on this genre.

Thought the years so many movies are been made and new subplots been created. USA and UK are the countries producing most of these films, sharing success and failures. The genre drive women and men to the movie theaters with the promise of make them laugh and cry. But the big mystery lives on, what makes this movies so important, who is a good actor for this kind of role?

“Me Before You” is the film adaptation of the famous book written by Jojo Moyes. it tells the story of Louise Clarke (Emilia Clarke) a young girl who lives with her family in a small town outside London. She just been laid off from her job in a coffee shop. After a intensive job searching she is offered to work as a caregiver for Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) a successful banker who had been paralyzed by a motorcycle accident.

Will vision of life is sad and depressing and Louise personality is silly, bright and happy. For her everything is pleasant, she always smile and dress very colorful dresses. At the very begging for Louise is hard to connect with Will, but thanks to a film Louise discover a different world with him.

This romcom presents the most important aspect of the genre. Comedy, colorful characters and conflict. Emilia Clarke performance is good and seems that she fits perfectly for this kind of role, perhaps better than playing Sarah Connors in Terminator Genisys, for Sam Claflin his performance is pretty flat, his not very expressive and seems that his role wasn’t as demanding.

Overall “Me Before You” is film that do what it does right, tale a love story, but is forgettable.