Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The bloody bachelor

Hunger Games is a film based on the famous book, wrote by Suzanne Collins in 2008. The movie tells the story Katniss Everdeen a young girl who lives District 12 in a fictional country Panim controlled by a dictatorial government. This story looks like a bunch of stories from modern and past culture, been put it into a blender. References from 1984, V for Vendetta, A Whole New World, ancient Rome, and Christianity to name a few, build the story of a struggle of young boys and girls fighting to stay alive in a game, named Hunger Games.

The film is a interesting piece of filmmaking, but not impressive at all to be a classic, the movie is pure entertainment with some glimpse of cultural statements about the importance of hope and odds in life. From what I can see the movie depicts reality TV and the controlled destiny of the constants. You can see that thought the movie, when the contestants were killed or sacrifice for the enjoyment of the audience or I must say the government. When you reach the end of the movie, which is very lame, you can see The Bachelor ending, but with a violent twist you find love, but you have to fight to the end to reach your goal. Reminiscence of new way of survival, among the society, been famous, thanks to a TV show.