Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hand santizer and Condoms

When Sony and David Fincher announce that they are going to do a remake of the swedish most successful film of all time. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I sad to myself: Fincher is the master of thriller and prove it with Seven, Panic Room and Zodiac. Nothing could go wrong. Well I was mistaken. Fincher didn't make the film better, he just revamped and make it a little cooler. Team up with part of the team from Social Network. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is a exploration of Mikael Bloomsky writer of Millennium and his search for Harriet Vager a woman who disappear 40 years ago. The film takes whole different directions in the plot and change the behavior of the main characters. Some of these changes are dramatic, they soft Lisbeth Salander in so many ways that I think the movie now a warm story between two underdog heroes who use their intelligence to catch a killer. Is hard to not compare things from the Swedish film vs the American version, from the sexual innuendo that is so Hollywood and less raw to a illogical moment of a Christmas card and tend to disagree with critics. The movie explore and bring characters that were missing in the original but took out elements that were necessary to understand the nature of Lisbeth behavior and way of living. Don't get me wrong Roonet Mara did a superb job performing this character. What really still thinking is something that I saw in the film: Rapist wear condoms and killers use hand sanitizer Fincher ruin the the movie, his biggest goals was to create an excellent environment for this movie,which he did. The cast was perfectly selected, beautiful photography, Articus and Trent always fantastic and the editing a masterpiece.

Monday, January 9, 2012

J Edgar

With high expectations I wanted to see this movie so badly. Clint Eastwood and Leonardo Di Caprio together and a biopic about J Edgar was enough to say "a must see". I was wrong. The film about the life of a controversial character of the US history turns into a disappoint soap opera about Hoover devotion to his mom and the FBI. His obsessions about criminals and dangerous threats to America. and his homosexuality. The estrange structure of this movie take us from his early childhood and how he escalate every step of power in order to reach the biggest position besides Justice Department. Di Caprio give us a fine performance and no doubt that he will earn several awards and nominations. Eastwood do what he do best, but in this film is not as powerful as other movies that he done in the past. The film is flat and lack emotional moments, because the pace and structure of the movie. All I can say the make it was not good


I never been a F1 follower of fan, but the reviews and the word of mouth of this movie drawn me to the theaters to see it. Senna is a fantastic documentary about the life of success and glory the of the Brazilian race car driver Airton Senna. The film focus of how Senna reach his momentum, his constant battle with Alain Prost and his demise in 1994 in the San Marino Grand Prix. The film manage all the stock footage surprisingly well. You don't even noticed that you are watching archival footage from different times. The film is unique as a historical investigation and a total gem for F1 fans who wants to know more of this race car driver. The sound design and editing are perfect. \


When movies like this one comes to theaters, you realize that there still hope to have creative filming with strong message. Drive is a finest piece of movie made in 2011 and I have to say one of the best that I ever seen in recent years. Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver for Hollywood films that play inside jobs as a driver for robberies. After meeting Cary Mulingan, her neighbor, they start a subtle relationship that connects in so many ways to the past and present of their life, unfortunately too much. Mullingan husband release from prison drawn Gosling into a adventure with terrible consequences. The cast with finest performances such as Albert Brooks (Oscar Worthy) and Ron Pearlman makes this film a total delight. Drive is a movie that hit you in your face, with glory violence and powerful soundtrack and beautiful cinematography. The directing and editing are real work of art.